Studia Śląskie tom 18

Silesian Studies vol. 18



I. Articles

  • Adam Galos, The social background of the so-called internal colonisation in Germany at the turn of the 19th century
  • Stanisław Rospond, On language integration in general and in Silesia in particular
  • Renarda Ocieczek, The unusual career of an Old Polish poem (Walenty Roździeński’s “Officina ferraria” and the history of its reception)
  • Krystyna Heska-Kwaśniewicz, “Zaranie Śląskie” (Silesian Dawn) generation 1907—1912
  • Tadeusz Gospodarek, Maria Jednaka, Interest in books found among techynical intelligentsia in the town of Opole (statistical-sociological study)

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Frank Förster, Concentration of the proletariat inthe brown coal industry of Senftennberg region in the years 1890—1914
  • Ryszard Ergetowski, Wacław A. Maciejowski’s studies at the Univerrsity of Wrocław
  • Stanisława Sochacka, Some hitherto unknown Silesian letters of Lucjan Malinowski
  • Antoni Gładysz, Investigations on the activities of the Prussian police censorship in Bytom in the years 1902—1918
  • Czesława Mykita-Glensk, The inception of the Polish professional theatre in Opole
  • Jadwiga Kucianka, The bibliography of the works by Juliusz Ligoń
  • Krystyna Heska-Kwaśniewicz, Jadwiga Kucianka (1924—1970)
Autorzy / Authors

Ergetowski Ryszard, Förster Frank, Galos Adam, Gospodarek Tadeusz, Gładysz Antoni, Heska-Kwaśniewicz Krystyna, Jednaka Maria, Kucianka Jadwiga, Mykita-Glensk Czesława, Ocieczek Renarda, Sochacka Stanisława, Stanisław Rospond

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Józef Kokot

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