Studia Śląskie tom 19

Silesian Studies vol. 19



I. Articles

  • Edmund Klein, The policy of national organizations towards the workers’, peasants’ and soldiers’ councils in November 1918 in Upper Silesia
  • Józef Kokot, The imposed Plebiscite
  • Andrzej Brożek, The Silesian lands of the former Austro-Prussian frontier in Polish-German-Czechoslovakian relations (1919—1922)
  • Wacław Ryżewski, The fight for control of the Upper-Silesian Industrial Area during the Third Silesian Insurrection
  • Krzysztof Brożek, Polish medical service during the Upper-Silesian Plebiscite

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Wiesław Lesiuk, The financial basis of the activities of the Upper-Silesian workers’, soldiers’, peasants’ and people’s councils in the years 1918—1919
  • Andrzej Brożek, Centain excerpts from Polish and French military documents concerning the events of the Secoind Silesian Insurrection
  • Józef Szafarczyk, The Katowice events of August 1920 (reniniscences)
  • Jan Bederski, Recollections of a battalion doctor in the Third Silesian Insurrection
  • Tadeusz Sokołowski, Some information on the actions of the medical services in the Third Insurrection of Upper Silesia
  • Stanisław Materniak, Some remarks on the organization and activities of the assistance committees for aiding the Silesian population at the time of the Insurrections and the Plebiscite 1919—1921
  • Andělín Grobelný, Zdeňka Zapletalová, The Opava and Ostrava press on the Polish-German conflict over Upper Silesia in the years 1919—1922
  • Otakár Kaňá, The Ostrava Germans in the Upper-Silesian Plebiscite (based on the report written by Bruno Polte from Moravska Ostrava)
  • Franciszek Szymiczek, Material left by Karol Koźlik concerning the Upper Silesian Plebiscite in 1921
  • Michał Lis, Remarks on the interpretation of the Plebiscite results in Upper Silesia
  • Franciszek Biały, From the history of the German volunteer corps 1920—1923
  • Karol Jonca, The attitude of the Silesian people’s leader Arkadiusz Bożek on the expiry of the Geneva Convention agreement (1937)
  • Zbigniew Lasak, The implementation of the Geneva Convention agreement of May 15th 1922 in Opole Silesia in the light of reports from the Consul General of the Polish Republic
Autorzy / Authors

Bederski Jan, Biały Franciszek, Brożek Andrzej, Brożek Krzysztof, Grobelný Andělín, Jonca Karol, Kaňá Otakár, Klein Edmund, Kokot Józef, Lasak Zbigniew, Lesiuk Wiesław, Lis Michał, Materniak Stanisław, Ryżewski Wacław, Sokołowski Tadeusz, Szafarczyk Józef, Szymiczek Franciszek, Zapletalová Zdeňka

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