Studia Śląskie tom 22

Silesian Studies vol. 22



I. Articles

  • Edmund Klein, The question of anti-Polish emergency legislation in Upper Silesia in the years 1914—1919
  • Franciszek Hawranek: The 1925 elections for Reich President in Upper Silesia
  • Andrzej Brożek: Chicago echoes of the assault on the Katowice Theatre performers in Opole in 1929

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Stanisława Sochacka: Preserved correspondence between Władysław Nehring and Lucjan Malinowski
  • Bogusław Olszewski: Problems in economic interpretation of modern German history
  • Karol Fiedor: Basic forms and problems in the involvement of German science in support of revision of Germany’s eastern frontiers in the years 1918—1933
  • Ryszard Dermin: Activists of the Union of Poles in Opole Silesia as they appear in the files of Opole gestapo
  • Korneliusz Pszczyński: The flag of the Polish scouting Union in Germany in Opole province museum collections
  • Mieczysław Wrzosek: The German administration in the occupied territories of Upper Silesia in the period between September 3rd sie od  and October 25th, 1939. The organic structure and competence
  • Zbigniew Kowalski: Certain factors shaping the political attitudes of the autochthonic and repatriated people in Opole Silesia in the period from January 1947 to August 1948
  • Jan Korbel: Investigations in the action of reuniting families (1957—1958)
  • Karol Musioł: Bibliography of Silesian musical periodicals
Autorzy / Authors

Brożek Andrzej, Dermin Ryszard, Fiedor Karol, Hawranek Franciszek, Klein Edmund, Korbel Jan, Kowalski Zbigniew, Musioł Karol, Olszewski Bogusław, Pszczyński Korneliusz, Sochacka Stanisława, Wrzosek Mieczysław

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Józef Kokot

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