Studia Śląskie tom 30

Silesian Studies vol. 30



  • Karol Jonca, Józef Kokot (1916—1975)
  • Ewa Wyglenda, Bibliography of the works of professor Józef Kokot 1939—1976

I. Articles

  • Mieczysław Pater, The Wrocław bishop Melchior von Diepenbrock’s attitude towards the problem of the Polish language in Silesia
  • Mirosław Cygański, Great Britain’s policy towards Upper Silesia, 1919—1920
  • Karol Jonca, Gustaw Stresemann on Polish armed interference in Upper Silesia (1921)
  • Bolesław Reiner, Some national and religious problems in Silesian voivodeship, 1922—1939
  • Jan Rymarczyk, The politico-eonomic causes of the stagnation of Lower-Silesian basis in the economy of the Third Reich
  • Karol Fiedor, The “Lager-Ideologie” in the education of the adolescent in the Nazi Germany
  • Stanisław Senft, The problem of employment of the prisoners of war and forced labour of the USSR in the agriculture of the Third Reich (as exemplified by Silesia) 1941—1942
  • Damian Tomczyk, The battle for the bridge-heads in the area of Golczowice-Mikolin-Skorogoszcz in 1945
  • Alfred Konieczny, The fall of the “Festung Glogau” in 1945
  • Jan Misztal, Some problems concerning the normalization of the situation of the Polish indigenous population in Opole Silesia, 1945—1947

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Jerzy Ratajewski, Concerning the publishers, journalists, newsmen and readers of the Polish press in Silesia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • Hubert Wolan, The trials of the national socialist fighting squad members in Świdnica, 1929—1930
  • Stanisław Gawlik, Some problems of the adult education of elementary grade on Opole voivodeship
  • Leszek Izbiński, The contents of the file: The records of the town of Brzeg, 13th century – 1945
Autorzy / Authors

Cygański Mirosław, Fiedor Karol, Gawlik Stanisław, Izbiński Leszek, Jonca Karol, Konieczny Alfred, Misztal Jan, Pater Mieczysław, Ratajewski Jerzy, Reiner Bolesław, Rymarczyk Jan, Senft Stanisław, Tomczyk Damian, Wolan Hubert, Wyglenda Ewa

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Józef Kokot

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