Studia Śląskie tom 31

Silesian Studies vol. 31



  • Franciszek Hawranek, Bolesław Reiner, Twenty years of existence of the Silesian Institute in Opole (1957—1977)
  • Wiesław Lesiuk, Workers’ Representations in the Upper-Silesian industrial plants 1918—1921
  • Jan Meissner, The problem of the Plebiscite in the Czech-Polish territorial contention in Cieszyn Silesia in 1919
  • Mirosław Cygański, Great Britain’s interventionist policy in the matter of Upper Silesia in 1921 and early 1922
  • Aleksander Kwiatek, The activities of Michał Grażyński during the Silesian Uprisings
  • Stanisław Senft, Sanitary conditions of forced labour and the prisoners of war employed in agriculture in Silesia, 1939—1945
  • Damian Tomczyk, The battle for Opole in 1945 (research state and postulates)
  • Józef Góralczyk, Józef Makowiecki, Natural zonation of the agricultural areas in the province of Opoole
  • Zenon Baranowski, Types of farming in agricultural co-operatives
  • Czesław Nowiński, Social ans socio-cultural work in agricultural co-operatives in voivodship Wrocław (1970—1974)
  • Zbigniew Kołaczkowski, Robert Rauziński, Concerning the research into the technical progress and skilled labour employment in the engineering industrty in the province of Opole [in 1975]
  • Robert Rauziński, Educational level of the population of the region of Opole, 1948—1975
  • Stanisław Jałowiecki, Maria Paszkiewicz, Janusz Woźniacki, Medical labour flux in the province of Opole
  • Józef Byczkowski, National minority problems in the activities of the United Nations Organization
  • Władysław Jacher, Social system as a sociological category
  • Stanisław Jałowiecki, Some remarks on the inquiry into the system of values
  • Maria Grygierczyk, Andrzej Pasierbiński, The image of Poles in the consciousness of the pupils of the secondary schools in the province of Opole
  • Ewa Wyglenda, Bibliography of the contents of “Silesian Studies” vol. 21:1972 — vol. 30:1976
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Baranowski Zenon, Byczkowski Józef, Cygański Mirosław, Góralczyk Józef, Grygierczyk Maria, Hawranek Franciszek, Jacher Władysław, Jałowiecki Stanisław, Kołaczkowski Zbigniew, Kwiatek Aleksander, Lesiuk Wiesław, Makowiecki Józef, Meissner Jan, Nowiński Czesław, Pasierbiński Andrzej, Paszkiewicz Maria, Rauziński Robert, Reiner Bolesław, Senft Stanisław, Tomczyk Damian, Woźniacki Janusz, Wyglenda Ewa

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