Studia Śląskie tom 32

Silesian Studies vol. 32



  • Edmund Jan Osmańczyk, Our Western neighbours
  • Antoni Wrzosek, A contribution to the genesis of the Scientific Council for the Problems of the Recovered Territories (Reminiscences from years 1939— 1947)
  • Henryk Borek, Research into the hydronymy of the Odra
  • Józef Byczkowski, Some aspects of the problem of national minorities in the European policy of the Weimar Republic
  • Władysław Dziewulski, Polish national movement in the villages of Siołkowice Stare and Siołkowice Nowe on the turn of the [nineteenth century]
  • Adam Galos, Prussian partition and North Schleswig
  • Franciszek Hawranek, The detachment of the Polish Socialist Party in the Prussian partition from the Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands in 1901
  • Władysław Jacher, Manfred Kutyma, The river Odra in the opinions of the riparians
  • Karol Jonca, The realization of the “Night and Fog” decree in Silesia, 1943—1945
  • Jan Kantyka, Modern pattern of patriotism and intenationalism
  • Edmund Klein, Karl Otfrid Foerster the Wrocław physician of Vladimir Lenin
  • Alfred Konieczny, Preparations of the Nazi authorities for the evacuation of Upper Silesia in the final stage of the Second World War
  • Alojzy Melich, Problems of profit in the distribution theory in modern capitalism
  • Kazimierz Orzechowski, Royal commissaries in all-Silesian state assemblies
  • Mieczysław Pater, “Gazeta Górnośląska” (Upper-Silesian Diary) in the light of the correspondence between Franciszek Przyniczyński and Henryk Forster, Bishop of Wrocław (1879—1881)
  • Franciszek Połomski, Restrictions of marriages between Germans and foreigners during the Second World War
  • Jan Rajman, Rank of small towns in the settlement system of the province of Opole
  • Robert Rauziński, Deformations in the demographic structure of the rural population in the province of Opole
  • Bolesław Reiner, The situation of the Old Catholic Church in the Silesian voivodeship, 1922—1938 (from the studies on denominational minorities)
  • Stanisław Rospond, The culture of the native tongue in Silesia
  • Dorota Simonides, Folkloristic relation and its social value
Autorzy / Authors

Borek Henryk, Byczkowski Józef, Dziewulski Władysław, Galos Adam, Hawranek Franciszek, Jacher Władysław, Jonca Karol, Kantyka Jan, Klein Edmund, Konieczny Alfred, Kutyma Manfred, Melich Alojzy, Orzechowski Kazimierz, Osmańczyk Edmund Jan, Pater Mieczysław, Połomski Franciszek, Rajman Jan, Rauziński Robert, Reiner Bolesław, Simonides Dorota, Stanisław Rospond, Wrzosek Antoni

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Karol Jonca

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