Studia Śląskie tom 52

Silesian Studies vol. 52




  • Wiesława Korzeniowska, From investigations on living conditions of the village inhabitants of Opole Regency in the 19th century. Sanitary conditions and health care
  • Jan Rajman, Spatial mobility and sociodemographic structure of the parish of Jemielnica inhabitants in the 19th century
  • Dan Gawrecki, The Silesian character or “Silesianism” in the period of Habsburg Monarchy 1742-1918
  • Maria Gawrecka, The national problems in Austrian Silesia 1742-1914
  • Urszula Zagóra-Jonszta, Wojciech Korfanty’s attitude towards the financial-fiscal Policy of Władysław Grabski
  • Krystian Heffner, The local government and other conditions for conducting an administrative reform of districts in Opole Silesia
  • Vladimir Klemenčič, The problems of national minorities in the countries originated in the southern zone of the former Habsburg Monarchy

Miscellanea and Materials

  • Wanda Musialik, The Catholic dergy’s Attitude towards national aspirations of the Upper-Silesians at the time of turning-point after the first world war
  • Wiktor Skrzypek, Some major epizooties in the river basin of the Upper Odra till the year 1918
  • Jacek Piotrowski, Syndicalistic movement in the period of the “Sanacja” regime in Upper Silesia in the light of periodical “Polska Zachodnia” (1926-1939)
  • Bernard Linek, Repercussions of polemics on the way of solving the problem of Silesian population in Opole Silesia in the years 1955-1957 reflected in the contemporary regional press
  • Edmund Nowak, Archival truth of the labour camp in Lambinowice (Lamsdorf) 1945-1946
Autorzy / Authors

Gawrecká Marie, Gawrecki Dan, Heffner Krystian, Klemenčič Vladimir, Korzeniowska Wiesława, Linek Bernard, Musialik Wanda, Nowak Edmund, Piotrowski Jacek, Rajman Jan, Skrzypek Wiktor, Urszula Zagóra-Jonszta

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Krystian Heffner

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