Studia Śląskie tom 53

Silesian Studies vol. 53




  • Stanisława Sochacka, The dictionary of geographic names of Silesia — historical etymological synthesis of Silesian onomastics
  • Czesława Mykita-Glensk, Józef Chociszewski and Silesia
  • Mirosław Cygański, The Lusatian patriots’ fight for liberation and the state of their own in the years 1945-1946 supported by the public opinion in Poland and Czechoslovakia
  • Bogdan Cimała, Stanisław Senft, The native population in Opole Silesia in the policy of the provincial authorities in the years 1950-1956
  • Zuzanna Borcz, Transformations of the Lower-Silesian village farms in the spatial aspect
  • Maria Śmiełowska, Cultural institutions in a new system of the commune. The Opole region
  • Krzysztof Frysztacki, Problems and dilemmas of the local and regional self-government in the comparative international perspective. (An introductory essay with particular regard to British and American examples)
  • Stanisław Malarski, Directions and proposals of the organizational-economical action aimed at reducing local unemployment
  • Milan Bufon, The regional development of national minorities in the border areas on the examle of Slovene minority in Italy

Miscellanea and Materials

  • Małgorzata Bąk, The population of the Evangelical Parish Kaczorów (District of Świerzawa) in the years 1796-1870
  • Stanisław Pajączkowski, Karol Miarka’s co-operative activity and its influence on autonomus policy of the population in Upper Silesia
  • Maria Kalczyńska, From the history of Polish typography in Upper Silesia the typographic workshop of the publication of “Gazeta Opolska” 1890-1923
  • Jarosław Macała, A matter of “Deutsche Volksliste” on Upper Silesia in the columns of “Gość Niedzielny” journal (1945-1947)
  • Robert Rauziński, State of health emergency of the Opole’s Silesia population by noxious factors connected with work environment in the year 1985 and 1989-1993 period
  • Teresa Sołdra-Gwiżdż, Attitudes of the Opole Region inhabitants towards the local self-government (on the example of some selected communes)
  • Brygida Solga, Traces of the state border in the present cultural landscape in the area of the upper course of Prosna river
  • Joachim Glensk, The Odra-Nysa border in the opinion of international political elites
Autorzy / Authors

Bąk Małgorzata, Borcz Zuzanna, Bufon Milan, Cimała Bogdan, Cygański Mirosław, Frysztacki Krzysztof, Glensk Joachim, Kalczyńska Maria, Macała Jarosław, Malarski Stanisław, Mykita-Glensk Czesława, Pajączkowski Stanisław, Rauziński Robert, Śmiełowska Maria, Sochacka Stanisława, Solga Brygida, Sołdra-Gwiżdż Teresa

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Krystian Heffner

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