Studia Śląskie tom 60

Silesian Studies vol. 60



  • Professor Wiesław Lesiuk – in 35th Anniversary of his research work, Stanisław Senft
  • Izabela Kuc, Bibliography of publications of professor Wiesław Lesiuk in the Years 1966-2001. Selection
  • Barbara Techmańska, Jan II Żagański – the Ally of King Hussite
  • Włodzimierz Kaczorowski, Social and medical care in Prudnik in the 15th-19th Centuries
  • Eckhard Grunewald, “The Most German of the German Poets”
  • Stanisława Sochacka, The cultural and religious conditions of giving first name in monastic communities (on the example of Silesia)
  • Janusz Adam Kujat, Considerations on the typology of substituted money
  • Dan Gawrecki, Opava in the years 1918-1938
  • Wanda Musialik, Silesia and the Silesians in interwar Polish periodicals published by Pallotine priests
  • Jerzy Marian Dyrda, The Military School of Music attached to the State Academy of Music in Katowice in the years 1930-1939
  • Bernd Behning, Stanislaw Senft, The problem of former Volksdeutchers – the Wehrmacht soldiers during and after the end of Italian campaign in the light of sources (1944-1947)
  • Rudolf Žáček, Cieszyn Silesia in the relations between Czechoslovakia and Poland in the years 1944-1945 in the light of Czechoslovak diplomatic documents
  • Michal Lis, Situational reports of district starosts (town mayors) as a source of knowledge about the year 1945 in Opole Silesia
  • Edmund Nowak, Releases from isolation camps in Opole Silesia (1945-1946)
  • Ryszard Techman, Marek Zawadka, The Soviet Army on the Odra River after the Second World War
  • Zdeněk Jirásek, On the development of industry in the Ostrava region in the years 1948-1955
  • Robert Rauziński, The role of migration abroad in shaping the balanced development of Poland
  • Aleksandra Trzcielińska-Polus, The question of freedom in buying land in Poland in the German press
Autorzy / Authors

Behning Bernd, Dyrda Jerzy Marian, Gawrecki Dan, Grunewald Eckhard, Jirásek Zdeněk, Kaczorowski Włodzimierz, Kuc Izabela, Kujat Janusz Adam, Lis Michał, Musialik Wanda, Nowak Edmund, Rauziński Robert, Ryszard Techman, Senft Stanisław, Sochacka Stanisława, Techmańska Barbara, Trzcielińska-Polus Aleksandra, Žáček Rudolf, Zawadka Marek

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Wiesław Lesiuk

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