Studia Śląskie tom 7

Silesian Studies vol. 7



I. Articles

  • Karol Jonca, Some problems of applying social legislation in Silesian zinc metallurgy before the First World War
  • Jerzy Lubos, The problem of the instruction of the Polish teachers in Opole district in the years between the two world wars
  • Edmund Klein, The murder of Potempa. Capitulation of the Weimar Republic before Hitler (Thirty years after the murder of Konrad Piecuch)
  • Bogusław Olszewski, The dynamics of the employment  in the industry of Opole Silesia in the years 1945—1960 in perspective of the inter-war period
  • Rudolf Weiner, Intensity and general trends of agriculture in the county district of Racibórz in [1933—1961]

II. Miscellanea and Materials

  • Alfred Konieczny, The affair of the expropriation of the Polish leaders in Opole Silesia in the years 1940—1944
  • Karol Jonca, Participation of the German police in pursuing the Soviet prisoners of war in Silesia [in 1941]


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Jonca Karol, Klein Edmund, Konieczny Alfred, Lubos Jerzy, Olszewski Bogusław, Weiner Rudolf

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Rok wydania / Year of issue


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Seweryn Wysłouch

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